Total comprehensive income Rankings for Chinese Companies

This page has companies with highest and lowest proportion of Total comprehensive income to market cap. All money values are in CNY. All data is powered by Quandl. All rankings are the value relative to the company market cap at the given date (n/price).

Which Chinese company has the highest Total comprehensive income? Bank Of China Limited has the highest Total comprehensive income. Proportional to market cap it is Xishui Strong Year Co.,Ltd.Inner Mongolia.

Which Chinese company has the lowest Total comprehensive income? Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited has the highest Total comprehensive income. Proportional to market cap it is Taiyuan Coal Gasification Company Limited.

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Top percentile

Indicator Value n/price %tile Date Historic
Xishui Strong Year Co.,Ltd.Inner Mongolia2,418,436,3240.293299.932015-06-30historic
Anhui Wanwei Updated High-Tech Material Industry Co.,Ltd.1,940,193,7760.2466199.852015-06-30historic
Beijing Urban Construction Investment And Development Co.,Ltd4,154,273,3140.2287399.782015-06-30historic
Anhui Huamao Textile Co.,Ltd.2,203,288,9990.2136299.712015-06-30historic
Wuxi Commercial Mansion Grand Orient Co.,Ltd.893,553,6140.2135699.642015-06-30historic
Dalian Refrigeration Co.,Ltd.917,655,7660.1884599.562015-06-30historic
Shenzhen Energy Group Co.,Ltd.5,158,563,3200.1426799.492015-06-30historic
Zhejiang Orient Holdings Co.,Ltd.1,263,027,7850.1385199.422015-06-30historic
Jilin Aodong Medicine Industry Group Co.,Ltd.2,694,532,9020.1300899.342015-06-30historic
Foshan Electrical And Lighting Co.,Ltd.1,492,352,1780.1228499.272015-06-30historic

Bottom percentile

Indicator Value n/price %tile Date Historic
Taiyuan Coal Gasification Company Limited-881,882,924-0.275090.02015-06-30historic
Yunnan Yunwei Co.,Ltd.-652,293,128-0.192110.072015-06-30historic
Xinjiang Ba Yi Iron And Steel Co.,Ltd.-811,103,012-0.174340.152015-06-30historic
HeiLongJiang Kingland Technology Co.,Ltd.-575,573,487-0.158080.222015-06-30historic
Sainty Marine Corporation Ltd.-364,337,042-0.111080.292015-06-30historic
Cangzhou Dahua Co.,Ltd-272,905,959-0.107490.362015-06-30historic
Bluestar New Chemical Material Co., Ltd-799,522,770-0.106220.442015-06-30historic
Shanxi Antai Group Co., ltd.-298,603,140-0.093560.512015-06-30historic
Sansteel Minguang Co.,Ltd.,Fujian-269,757,226-0.093080.582015-06-30historic
Shandong Minhe Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.-216,481,652-0.072690.662015-09-30historic