Other current assets Rankings for Chinese Companies

This page has companies with highest and lowest proportion of Other current assets to market cap. All money values are in CNY. All data is powered by Quandl. All rankings are the value relative to the company market cap at the given date (n/price).

Which Chinese company has the highest Other current assets? Petro China Co.,Ltd. has the highest Other current assets. Proportional to market cap it is Jilin Yatai(Group)Co.,Ltd..

Which Chinese company has the lowest Other current assets? Changjiang Runfa Machinery Co.,Ltd. has the highest Other current assets. Proportional to market cap it is Jiangsu Dongyuan Electrical Group Co.,Ltd..

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Top percentile

Indicator Value n/price %tile Date Historic
Jilin Yatai(Group)Co.,Ltd.7,189,987,1190.4196499.912015-06-30historic
Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group Co.,Ltd.1,587,684,9840.2811699.822015-06-30historic
Xiamen Itg Group Corp.,Ltd.3,211,523,2510.2706199.732015-06-30historic
Pangda Automobile Trade Co.,Ltd.6,363,438,4530.2675799.642015-06-30historic
Saic Motor Corporation Limited45,743,396,5570.2469699.552015-06-30historic
Changjiang Publishing And Media Co.,Ltd.2,284,985,1400.2407699.462015-06-30historic
Shenzhen Jasic Technology Co.,Ltd.1,165,273,6750.2329699.382015-06-30historic
Grandbuy Co.Ltd?Guangzhou1,002,258,9220.2326799.292015-06-30historic
Ccs Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd.4,721,153,6110.2271499.22015-06-30historic
Jiangsu Sunrain Solar Energy Co.,Ltd.1,466,460,5080.207699.112015-06-30historic

Bottom percentile

Indicator Value n/price %tile Date Historic
Jiangsu Dongyuan Electrical Group Co.,Ltd.85,4380.00.02015-06-30historic
Hunan Changgao High Voltage Switchgear Group Co.,Ltd.2,4360.00.092015-06-30historic
Changjiang Runfa Machinery Co.,Ltd.4920.00.182015-06-30historic
Kyland Technology Co.,Ltd.6,4790.00.272015-06-30historic
Zhenxing Biopharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Ltd.12,9360.00.362015-06-30historic
Stellar Megaunion Corporation15,2830.00.452015-06-30historic
Jiangxi Huawu Brake Co.,Ltd.8,9380.00.542015-06-30historic
China Minmetals Rare Earth Co.,Ltd.32,7520.00.632015-06-30historic
China Aerospace Times Electronics Co.,Ltd.2,2020.00.712015-06-30historic
Geron Co.,Ltd.8,7410.00.82015-06-30historic