Non-operating loss Rankings for Chinese Companies

This page has companies with highest and lowest proportion of Non-operating loss to market cap. All money values are in CNY. All data is powered by Quandl. All rankings are the value relative to the company market cap at the given date (n/price).

Which Chinese company has the highest Non-operating loss? Petro China Co.,Ltd. has the highest Non-operating loss. Proportional to market cap it is Xiake Color Spinning Co.,Ltd..

Which Chinese company has the lowest Non-operating loss? Shenzhen Hifuture Electric Co.,Ltd. has the highest Non-operating loss. Proportional to market cap it is Shenzhen Hifuture Electric Co.,Ltd..

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Top percentile

Indicator Value n/price %tile Date Historic
Xiake Color Spinning Co.,Ltd.105,040,8990.0364699.922015-06-30historic
Beijing Hualian Hypermarket Co.,Ltd.114,753,5360.0273699.852015-06-30historic
Taiyuan Coal Gasification Company Limited44,699,2950.0139499.772015-06-30historic
MCC Meili Paper Industry Co.,Ltd.70,455,0860.0132199.72015-06-30historic
Sainty Marine Corporation Ltd.24,906,7190.0075999.622015-06-30historic
Shaanxi Coal Industry Company Limited308,223,6080.0069799.552015-06-30historic
Jiangsu Yawei Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.28,005,6970.0069299.472015-06-30historic
Yibin Tianyuan Group Co.,Ltd.24,080,2200.0064199.392015-06-30historic
Guangzhou Friendship Group Co.,Ltd.36,153,3640.0061799.322015-06-30historic
HeiLongJiang Kingland Technology Co.,Ltd.21,227,4080.0058399.242015-06-30historic

Bottom percentile

Indicator Value n/price %tile Date Historic
Shenzhen Hifuture Electric Co.,Ltd.-302,586-5.0E-50.02015-06-30historic
Zhejiang Youpon Integrated Ceiling Co.,Ltd.-17,170-1.0E-50.082015-06-30historic
Hunan Boyun New Materials Co.,Ltd.21,8720.00.152015-06-30historic
Shanghai Welltech Automation Co.,Ltd.9,5880.00.232015-09-30historic
Shandong Weida Machinery Co.,Ltd.13,6170.00.32015-06-30historic
Nanjing Port Co.,Ltd.5,2290.00.382015-06-30historic
Offshore Oil Engineering Co.,Ltd.134,0460.00.452015-06-30historic
Baolingbao Biology Co.,Ltd.14,9160.00.532015-06-30historic
Citic Offshore Helicopter Co.,Ltd.5,5120.00.612015-06-30historic
Tibet Summit Industry Co.,Ltd.20,6160.00.682015-06-30historic