Interests payable Rankings for Chinese Companies

This page has companies with highest and lowest proportion of Interests payable to market cap. All money values are in CNY. All data is powered by Quandl. All rankings are the value relative to the company market cap at the given date (n/price).

Which Chinese company has the highest Interests payable? Bank Of China Limited has the highest Interests payable. Proportional to market cap it is China Everbright Bank Co.,Ltd.

Which Chinese company has the lowest Interests payable? Kyland Technology Co.,Ltd. has the highest Interests payable. Proportional to market cap it is Time Publishing And Media Co.,Ltd..

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Top percentile

Indicator Value n/price %tile Date Historic
China Everbright Bank Co.,Ltd29,091,000,0000.1606299.882015-06-30historic
Bank Of China Limited157,848,000,0000.1441499.762015-06-30historic
Industrial Bank Co.,Ltd.35,950,000,0000.129699.642015-06-30historic
Bank Of Ningbo Co.,Ltd.5,597,662,0000.127799.532015-06-30historic
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co.,Ltd.37,368,000,0000.1204699.412015-06-30historic
China Minsheng Banking Corp.,Ltd.33,554,000,0000.1088499.292015-06-30historic
China Merchants Bank Co.,Ltd.38,696,000,0000.0863499.172015-06-30historic
Yangmei Chemical Co.,Ltd238,508,9790.0435199.052015-06-30historic
Zhenxing Biopharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Ltd.210,392,0750.0394498.932015-06-30historic
Henan Lotus Flower Gourmet Powder Co.,Ltd.358,729,0470.0322998.822015-06-30historic

Bottom percentile

Indicator Value n/price %tile Date Historic
Time Publishing And Media Co.,Ltd.38,7510.00.02015-06-30historic
Qumei Home Furnishings Group Co., Ltd6,2220.00.122015-06-30historic
Xiamen Faratronic Co.,Ltd.21,5890.00.242015-06-30historic
Dehua Tb New Decoration Material Co.,Ltd.5,8080.00.362015-06-30historic
Tibet Summit Industry Co.,Ltd.33,0000.00.472015-06-30historic
Zhejiang Qianjiqng Motorycle Co.,Ltd.8,2760.00.592015-06-30historic
Zhe Jiang Dongliang New Building Materials Co.,Ltd.9,1670.00.712015-06-30historic
Qinghai Spring Medicinal Resources Technology Co., Ltd19,7350.00.832015-06-30historic
Suzhou Goodark Electronics Co.,Ltd.17,3070.00.952015-06-30historic
Harbin Boshi Automation Co.,Ltd.14,3880.01.072015-06-30historic