Intangible assets Rankings for Chinese Companies

This page has companies with highest and lowest proportion of Intangible assets to market cap. All money values are in CNY. All data is powered by Quandl. All rankings are the value relative to the company market cap at the given date (n/price).

Which Chinese company has the highest Intangible assets? China Communications Construction Company Limited has the highest Intangible assets. Proportional to market cap it is Sichuan Expressway Company Limited.

Which Chinese company has the lowest Intangible assets? Ccs Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd. has the highest Intangible assets. Proportional to market cap it is Ccs Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd..

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Top percentile

Indicator Value n/price %tile Date Historic
Sichuan Expressway Company Limited20,807,427,3291.5428999.932015-06-30historic
Henan Shen Huo Coal Industry And Electricity Power Co.,Ltd.5,306,571,9660.6894399.852015-06-30historic
China Communications Construction Company Limited119,147,099,9690.6205899.782015-06-30historic
Jiangsu Expressway Co.,Ltd.23,564,113,8240.5876399.72015-06-30historic
Anhui Expressway Co.,Ltd.9,048,267,9800.5772899.632015-06-30historic
Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited21,199,587,0000.5131399.562015-06-30historic
China Gezhouba Group Co.,Ltd.16,514,550,1840.5008999.482015-06-30historic
China Coal Energy Company Limited38,901,221,0000.4898299.412015-06-30historic
Shaanxi Coal Industry Company Limited21,540,352,8220.4873499.332015-06-30historic
Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group Company Limited6,238,022,0000.4867299.262015-06-30historic

Bottom percentile

Indicator Value n/price %tile Date Historic
Ccs Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd.63,5830.00.02015-06-30historic
Sichuan Languang Development Co., Ltd196,6291.0E-50.072015-06-30historic
Shanghai Shibei Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd.194,1201.0E-50.152015-06-30historic
Ingenious Ene-Carbon New Materials Co.,Ltd107,5261.0E-50.222015-06-30historic
Wuhan Double Co.,Ltd.100,0272.0E-50.32015-06-30historic
Beijing Interact Technology Co., Ltd.83,5872.0E-50.372015-06-30historic
Jiangsu Protruly Technology Group Co., Ltd.630,4122.0E-50.442015-06-30historic
Huasu Holdings Co.,Ltd.80,8762.0E-50.522015-06-30historic
Shunfa Hengye Corporation293,8983.0E-50.592015-06-30historic
Shanghai Yanhua Smartech Group Co.,Ltd.196,5983.0E-50.672015-06-30historic