Guangxi Fenglin Wood Industry Group Company Limited Fundamental Rankings

This page is comprehensive fundamental data for Guangxi Fenglin Wood Industry Group Company Limited. Fundamentals are ordered by how Guangxi Fenglin Wood Industry Group Company Limited ranks compared to other companies (ordered high to low). All money values are in CNY. All data is powered by Quandl.

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Indicator Value n/price Rank Date Historic
Disposal of fixed assets and others5,913,7220.00172792015-06-30historic
Refunds of taxes5,285,8110.001542942015-06-30historic
Net cash and cash equivalents ending balance358,751,4840.104233432015-06-30historic
Cash inflows from operating activities591,868,4160.171964932015-06-30historic
Cash paid for dividends, profits or interests29,586,4140.00865012015-06-30historic
Cash outflows from operating activities530,759,1080.154215212015-06-30historic
Purchases of fixed assets and others27,329,2860.007945932015-06-30historic
Cash paid for other financing activities188,7775.0E-56672015-06-30historic
Net cash flows from investing activities-36,410,963-0.010587032015-06-30historic
Net change in cash-5,076,846-0.001487152015-06-30historic
Cash paid for taxes22,077,9020.006417522015-06-30historic
Net cashflow from financing activities-29,775,191-0.0086510102015-06-30historic